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National Fish and Chips Day

Fish and Chips Day 2024

It may not be sophisticated cuisine, but that does not make a dent in the popularity of fish and chips. What other food is so beloved, so iconic, and so quintessentially British that it gets its day of celebration? When is National Fish and Chip Day? It is traditionally held on the first Friday in June, but in 2024, it is being held on Thursday, June 6th, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

What is Fish and Chip Day?

It might seem odd, to hold a day to celebrate a dish as simple as fish and chips. It has been happening since 2015, though, organized by NEODA, the National Edible Oil Distributors’ Association. The tradition of holding it on a Friday aligns with the tradition of having fish and chips on Fridays. This tradition has to do with religious customs, but Friday also means the end of the working week, so it is a great time to kick back and enjoy a portion of flavourful comfort food like fish and chips. Changing the date to commemorate D-Day makes sense, though, as fish and chips was a morale booster during World War II, spoken of fondly by none other than Winston Churchill himself. During the war, ministers made sure fish and chips were not rationed, and eating this dish today evoked nostalgia as well as a feeling of national pride.

Observing National Fish and Chips Day

Fish and chips can be eaten any day of the year, and there are even gourmet, vegetarian, and vegan options. For most people, though, the classic dish is perfect just the way it is, and having a national day dedicated to it just makes for a better excuse to eat it. Further more, it is important to note that National Fish and Chip Day celebrates more than food. It is a way to honour the D-day landings, pay homage to the role fish and chips has played in history, support local businesses, and embrace the connections this culinary tradition fosters in communities. Chippies and restaurants that participate in this celebration can raise their visibility, boost sales, increase social media buzz, and engage with the community.

If you are a consumer, there are plenty of ways to get involved in National Fish and Chip Day:

  • Enjoy fish and chips at your local fish and chip shop or restaurant.
  • Organize a feast with your friends, family, or colleagues, whether at a backyard barbecue, a casual get-together, or a picnic in the park, to share a meal and bring people together to make great memories.
  • Support local fish and chips shops whenever you have a fish and chip craving, and tell other people about them.
  • Make some fish and chips at home, perhaps experimenting with new ingredients and recipes, and sharing your creations with friends and family.
  • Post your Fish and Chips! Photograph your fish and chips at home and share your pics on social media, with the hashtag #FishandChipDay2024. Make the most of your social media posts, celebrating your favourite fish and chip shop and engaging with other fish and chip enthusiasts.

Join fish! for National Fish and Chips Day

How will you celebrate National Fish and Chip Day? We would love for you to join us at fish! Established in 1999, fish! was the first restaurant in Borough Market and, indeed, the first restaurant of its kind in London. Our fish and chips offerings include cod, haddock, wild halibut, plaice, and more, fried in a beer batter and served with mushy peas and tartare. Of course, you might expect that we would serve this classic, simple, well-loved dish, because that is how we do things at fish! With a focus on providing our customers with the best quality fish, cooked in front of them, in simple and classic ways, we are committed to quality and responsible sourcing. Because we are centrally located in Borough Market, London’s best produce is easily accessible. We source most of our produce from Borough Market, and our fish is delivered daily from our own fishmonger, Jarvis, renowned for its extensive range of the very freshest fish and seafood. Our stunning glass and steel space was originally a Victorian pea-shelling warehouse, and diners enjoy 360-degree views of the market, Southwark Cathedral, and The Shard, as well as soaking in the atmosphere of our beautiful open kitchen. For those looking for a retreat from the chaos of the market, our heated terrace is open all year round, and it is also available for private hire. To make an enquiry or request a reservation, call 020 3376 6234

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