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Summer Seafood Delights: Seasonal Specials

Is there anything more lovely on a hot summer day than a dinner replete with delicious seafood dishes? Seafood recipes for summer need not be complicated, and that is a good thing, because who wants to stand in the kitchen for a long time at the peak of the season? Here, fish! offers some amazing and easy summer seafood recipes to tempt your palate and make your dinner a delight. Even better, each of these seafood summer dishes features a type of seafood that can be sustainably sourced.

If you want to elevate your picnic, pack this Crab and Cheddar Tart. This is one of those seafood recipes for summer that can be prepared in advance, so it is the perfect choice to pack into your hamper and make your picnic indulgent. Sweet crab meat and sharp tangy cheddar go together beautifully and make this recipe a winner.

It might not be the first combination that pops into your mind, but a Barbecue Pork Belly and Langoustine Skewer is a worthy addition to your barbecue. The richness of the confit pork provides a beautiful complement to the natural sweetness of langoustine and works well with the satisfying crunch of peppers and onions. Not only that, but you can impress your guests with your homemade barbecue and
ginger and lime dressing.

To add some Jamaican flair to your summer seafood dinner, try this Barbecued Jerk Lobster with Coconut Rice. The spices in the sauce are flavourful without overwhelming the lobster and coconut rice is a perfect foil to this decadent dish.

The UK exports most of its octopus, but this Fresh Octopus Salad is worth keeping some at home. This simple salad showcases the octopus and can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

Vietnamese Seafood and Cucumber Stir-fry is the perfect way to bring several fresh ingredients together. This recipe includes lots of delicious ingredients perfect for a summer day, including prawns, baby squid, scallops, cucumber, herbs, and aromatics.

Scallop Pops are the perfect party food. Flash fry the bacon-wrapped scallops and once they are crisp all you need to do is stick them on the end of a skewer to create an indulgent, savoury appetiser.

Making fresh pasta can be rewarding, especially when it is meant to be used in Sorrel fettuccine with Brown Shrimp Sauce. When you mix sorrel into your pasta dough, it gives it a vibrant green colour and beautifully supports the sauce. The sauce is simple to make, combining brown shrimp, butter, garlic, lemon, and chilli.

Arros Negre is squid ink rice. This striking dish, an iconic Spanish staple, is made of diced cuttlefish blended into bomba rice, with a dollop of all I oli on top to cut the richness of the intensely flavoured base.

Mussel Fritti may just be the ultimate summer treat. Lightly battered, these mussels have a crisp outer shell and burst with briny, saline flavour when you bite them. Make a big batch of this “seafood popcorn” for your next social gathering!

Cured and Smoked Salmon with Oyster Emulsion and Pickled Fennel is special because of the rock oyster sauce. While it is easy to find cured and smoked salmon all year round, rock oysters are a summer treat when native oysters are not in season.

If making seafood at home in summer does not appeal to you, come to fish! for our delectable seasonal specials. Established in 1999, fish! was the first restaurant in Borough Market and, indeed, the first restaurant of its kind in London. With a focus on providing our customers with the best quality fish, cooked in front of them, in simple and classic ways, we are committed to quality and responsible sourcing.

Because we are centrally located in Borough Market, London’s best produce is
easily accessible. In fact, we source most of our produce from Borough Market, and our fish is delivered daily from our own fishmonger, Jarvis, renowned for its extensive range of the very freshest fish and seafood.

Our stunning glass and steel space was originally a Victorian pea-shelling warehouse, and diners enjoy 360-degree views of the market, Southwark Cathedral, and The Shard, as well as soaking in the atmosphere of our beautiful open kitchen.

For those looking for a retreat from the chaos of the market, our heated terrace is open all year round, and it is also available for private hire. To make an enquiry or request a reservation, call 020 3376 6234 or contact us through our website.

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